The Thirdforce is a wave, or belief, based on the idea of inculcating the culture of helping others and founded on the principle of expediting humanitarian aid without protocol and red tapes when disaster strikes.

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“Life is not just about us.”

Beginning 2014, Raja Shamri has dedicated his life to helping the poor and the underprivileged. What began as an emergency aid to the flood victims, the wave has now become a permanent and registered Non-Governmental Organisation called The Thirdforce, which now works alongside the state and the federal government in leading the ways to encourage everyone to do good.

Raja Shamri continues to inspire everyone and throughout the country via his online social platform and physical presence during the road tours.


2001 - 2014

Raja Shamri travelled the country in giving talks and motivational programs, to become one of the industry leaders with outstanding results.

December 2014 - Now

He led the Nation in helping the victims of Yellow Flood Disaster in Kelantan, making him a National hero. Later the wave that he propelled became a registered NGO that helps the poor and underprivileged on daily basis.

Raja Shamri continues to inspire others through his motivational talks, physical presence and shared stories online.