Write Every Day

Raja Shamri is an avid writer who writes every day – Yes, every single day! You can read his enlightening posts on his social media as well as articles for print publications. His latest book is Jom Jadi Orang Baik-Baik, an instant bestseller!

Martial Arts


Fit Body Healthy Mind

Raja Shamri is a living proof that one should not hinder oneself from doing what one loves even when physically handicapped.



Nock On!

Raja Shamri started target archery in 2017, but he trains almost every day! He is the founder of the Thirdfroce Archery, developing and training new talents. Raja Shamri currently trains/shoots for the Kelantan State Paralympic Team.
Let’s shoot!



One Foot Forward

Raja Shamri travels the world under the brand One Foot Forward (1FF). In 2017 alone he has travelled to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Where will he go next?